Get off on the right foot with family cycling. The Kr8 Bakfiets really comes into effect with toddlers and young children. Ride with the kids and all your gear on this universal frame phenomenon. The Kr8 is the ideal way to transport kids, groceries, tools or whatever you need around the city. It is equipped to carry kids safely, to ride in the dark and poor weather, and to live outdoors. Kids sit in front where they can see the sights and you can see and talk with them. They don’t get sprayed from your rear tire like in a trailer. A WorkCycles Kr8 is an investment, but a great solution for a practical, comfortable and durable vehicle that will provide years of reliable service in all conditions. Two-wheeler cargobikes or ‘bakfietsen' are nicer to ride than any three-wheeler; the low box and perfect geometry make handling easy and the bike stable. They can carry three young children or a baby and two young children. Actually with a couple of small modifications many parents can even carry four children on the Kr8.


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